Adult chats throught aim symantec intrusion prevention signatures not updating

25-Feb-2020 17:20

That said, the first messages from my wife to me still make me smile, and I'm sure that my responses that make me cringe would make her smile.

I am again reminded that "youngsters these days" pretty much no longer have this option unless their online footprint is actively managed from Day One. It can be quite disconcerting when it happens.(Or when you realise you're living in the aftermath of some previous Great Shift.)Sure, but the point is that they aren't retained, and in turn, leave young people in a position where they won't be blackmailed as adults for the shitty things they said as a teenager on platforms they thought were safe.

Insane that there is just no way at all, without outright hacking the program (to the extent that hacking it is possible), to export your data, that you generated, and should by rights be yours to at the very least save (and not have to comb through potentially decades of chat history to export pictures and files one-by-one).

In the US, copyright law says you own what you create.

I'm 28 and am a free software activist focusing heavily and user privacy and security, iving talks on those issues and meeting with my local school district to discuss how it impacts students.

When I was a teenager in middle school what almost feels like another lifetime ago, I used AIM.

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Google is not a magical place where machines cannot be compromised. This is ridiculous FUD, you're not compromising anybody's privacy by letting google drive do an OCR for you. If you care about rogue Google employees or other actors with 0-day exploits, then putting information into the hands of Google is a risk. The discussion is about rogue elements getting a Buddy List that was in AOL's hands, and therefore one should assume the TLAs already had it.

It was the users choice to abide by the user agreement? It's never been the case "on the ground" in America. It's the things that I thought were eloquent and insightful and informative and good, that now cause me to cringe.