Adult add and dating

09-Nov-2019 01:00

They're not as outwardly hyper and distractible, but they still have a lot of trouble focusing, staying on task, and getting things done.

They can also be impulsive and feel drawn to active, stimulating activities.

The experience of having ADHD can also harm a child's self-esteem, as they may start to think of themselves as stupid or defective.

Lastly, people with ADHD may have other learning disabilities at the same time.

There are a few reasons adults with ADHD can have trouble in social situations.

The first is that their differences in brain wiring simply make certain tasks harder for them.

" Below are some ways Adult ADHD can make social skills and relationships more difficult.These can also make certain aspects of socializing more difficult.If someone has a developmental difference or mental health condition it's sometimes easy to start thinking of that as the sole force affecting their actions.This can be another effect of their difficulty with focusing on one subject.

While trying to pay attention to another person, they may not be able to keep their mind from drifting off or fixating on something else.The second is that if they had ADHD as a child, that could have caused them to fall behind in learning social skills in the first place.

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