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And can we please stop with the posting of Annie pics from years ago to "prove" that she's hot?

That's really all you need to do to advance as a model - to win the right contest. Well, that and then bust your butt for years until everyone recognizes your greatness.

She has a pet lizard named Annie Hall, sports various (unseen, because she claims to use white ink for them) tattoos such as the word 'Truth" on the inside of her lower lip, and claims to eat with her fingers whilst in the United States 'to get used to the bacteria.' Abbey Lee will spend much time carefully choosing which table to sit at for dinner - it all depends upon the feng shui and the chi of the room.

She is famous in the biz for smoking up a storm on set.

She made her debut at the 2008 New York Fashion Week, walking in a staggering 29 shows for all the top designers.

Abbey Lee also walked in Milan and Paris that year, though she fell in one and fainted at the other.

It's unclear whether she is back for good, and people in the fashion scene tend to talk about her in the past tense, which is a bit disconcerting.

You can watch the video yourself below and decide, there are no absolute answers in situations like this.

A couple of months later, she gained worldwide exposure by walking in the Pink Planet segment of that year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Abbey Lee's health issues returned the following year - she had knee trouble - but she still knew how to attract attention despite being unable to walk the runways.

This incident, Abbey Lee implies, contributed to her decision to focus on an acting career, or at least helps her dredge up strong emotions for her roles.

As often with Abbey Lee, there are people who line up on both sides of this incident, with some saying that the designer was simply trying to create a good (and safe) fashion show, and others claiming that Abbey Lee was being unfairly "singled out" for issues with the footwear that affected all the models.It is quite common for fans to get protective of Abbey Lee.