90 day rule dating

12-Dec-2019 23:21

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I see a number of men criticizing women for their constant need for external guidance around relationships.

Steve you could benefit from this MUST Read, " Vagina Management."Women's bodies/intimacy being compared to manufacturers/business🤦🏽‍♀️Yeah, not buying it.

Ladies don't dumb yourself down for man-made rule, ask yourself what does God say about intimacy.

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Men wanted to feel like they were the only one, more so for paternity and to cover their ego-based insecurity issues.

As a man, you’re not proving anything to her by waiting 90 days.

Currently, some people have gone back into hiding and shame around their sexuality.

That’s just what women need, a resurgence of the shame movement around who they are, and were made to be – beautiful, sexual, creative beings. And to think, the same carrot and stick routine is being employed by waving the promise of marriage in front of their faces to convince them to hide their sexuality once more.

Authentic friendship and love for one another is always the best bet. We have men actually forcing women to wait 90 days before having sex. We have another 71 days to go before I’d let you have sex with me.” Date ends.