19th century iron key dating

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They would then sell the materials to those who could recycle them.Get two full weeks of free access to more than 9 billion genealogy records right now.Used in everything from paints and varnishes to patent lather and crayons, it’s produced from the resin of pine trees and many earned their living in its production and sale.Farmers who owned enough pine rich land could make a huge profit, while laborers often found seasonal work to support their families.From Popular Science Monthly, April 1887Finding myself in the pine-region of Southeast Georgia, and thinking that some information on the subject above named may not prove uninteresting to your readers, I will endeavor to tell to them that which has been imparted to me by those thoroughly conversant with the whole business.A turpentine-farm consists of from five to forty crops of ten thousand five hundred boxes each.

Artificial Flower Maker – Most often a woman’s occupation – one which required long hours and much skill – the profession of creating artificial flowers for decoration would eventually be overtaken by mass production.You’ve probably even found yourself frantically googling some of these positions to gain a better understanding of what your ancestor actually to earn a living.We’ve pulled together a fascinating list of 10 fairly common occupations from the 1880 census that you’d be pretty unlikely to see someone performing today (although many do still exist in some form or another).The work commences in November, when the boxing of the trees begins.

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The dipping of the crude into barrels begins about the middle of March, and the boxes are emptied seven or eight times during the season.

Livery-Stable Keeper – Like the hostler, the livery-stable keeper’s bread and butter depended on the care of horses who were used in everyday tasks and transportation – by boarding and renting them – making it clear why this job is also nearly extinct.3.

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