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23-Oct-2019 21:39

I was able to get some great pictures in which I felt sexy and confident, and they weren’t for anyone in particular — just me and the general public.

Day 9: I started working out again and posted such clever captions as: “Burn calories, not emotional energy” and “fitness not feelings.” I know, I’m hilarious.

He responded fairly well, and we went our separate ways. Having almost always had a partner, I tended to fill the single void with endless swiping on Tinder and fruitless exchanges of text messages.

After countless bad hookups, I’m not sure what it was about this particular orgasmless experience that caused me to be fed up, but fed up I was. Tuesday, but I also turned around and immediately cancelled dates with Mr. Before I knew it, I had so many conversations going that I couldn’t even place a name with a late-night “wyd.” As soon as I took a minute to look up from what I was doing, I didn’t even understand how I had gotten here.

They believed I could, in fact, go 100 days without boys.

In just the first ten days, I was getting more sleep, spending more time with friends, adopting healthier habits, and feeling more confident.

And as I look back at my posts from those first few days, it seems that my quality of life quickly improved as a result.